More than 2000 people have been displaced due to the earthquake in Maluku, Indonesia. HCI is on the ground assisting with Emergency Relief Kits. Donate one today for $200.

Seven-year-old Ephraim Collins isn’t able to attend school and play nor can he speak or even walk as a normal seven-year-old can.  Ephraim suffers from severe hydrocephalus.  This condition manifests with an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within the brain, his head currently has a diameter of 88 cm.  Ephraim, in the eyes of some medical practitioners, is essentially hanging on to life and urgently needs the funds.  Without this life saving surgery Ephraim will die.

HCI is making a special appeal to all our generous donors to help us save the life of this little boy by enabling us to provide the medical assistance required for this life saving surgery.

Please donate and help Ephraim.