More than 2000 people have been displaced due to the earthquake in Maluku, Indonesia. HCI is on the ground assisting with Emergency Relief Kits. Donate one today for $200.

Dear friends,

2019 was an eventful year: I began my journey as an Acting Executive Director, and then Executive Director in June. Though the year was filled with many great learning experiences, there were also challenges and struggles – and I am humbled by the support of the HCI team, the Board of Directors, our partners, volunteers, community members and of course, you – our donors.

As we finish off the year – and another decade, we look back at everything we’ve done and the lives we’ve changed. And we truly couldn’t have done it without our donors – the core of our organization. To the people we’ve helped, you are heaven-sent, an answer to their prayers. For that, and more, I’d like to thank you.

We recently came back from a field visit where we visited the Rohingya refugee camps, as well as the villages and streets of Bangladesh. It was a bittersweet trip – sad and heartbreaking to see so many displaced from their homes, from their lives, from their families – but also wonderful to see all of the work HCI is doing to make a difference and help.



During our time in Bangladesh, we met with over 200 orphans from our Child Sponsorship and Orphans Scholarship Program, including a young orphan named Rabia Akhtar.

When I saw her, I instinctively went to hug her and she started to sob. I thought I had maybe hurt her, but I found out soon afterwards that Rabia was crying from shock. Shock, because she wasn’t used to being hugged as people within the village did not even shake hands with the orphans, let alone hug them.

As a mother, my heart broke for her – no child should ever be unloved, no child should ever be uncared for.

Rabia asked me, “Sister, will I be able to fulfill my dreams? I want to be in the army and serve my country.”

I was speechless, and as I was trying to find the right thing to say – I realized I didn’t have to worry: HCI is caring for these orphans. She has a wonderful donor who is nurturing her dream, who is caring for her, who is helping her.  As do the hundreds of other orphans in our program.



Thank you.

Whether it be through volunteering, providing words of encouragement, or donating financially, your unwavering support of HCI is what has driven us to work towards our mission of uplifting people from crisis to sustainability.

As you consider your year-end gift, I would like to personally appeal to you to sponsor an orphan, like Rabia. A small gift of $30-$60 a month can transform a life.

Together we have the ability to change our world.

Yours truly,

Mahmuda Khan

HCI Executive Order