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HCI Turns 40 - Spotlight: Afghanistan + Pakistan

Did you know? Human Concern International was founded 40 years ago by a group of well-intentioned Canadians who only wanted to help.  What started off as a really good deed catapulted into something incredible – and has led to HCI becoming one of Canada’s first and oldest Muslim charity, now celebrating 40 years of helping thousands of people all around the world.

Our very first project was helping the victims of the Soviet Union War in Afghanistan when the USSR entered Afghanistan in 1979 and set the grounds for rebellion.  In the brutal nine-year conflict, an estimated one million civilians were killed, as well as 90,000 Mujahideen fighters, 18,000 Afghan troops, and 14,500 Soviet soldiers (via The Atlantic).

HCI was the only Canadian presence that went to help the victims of the Soviet Union War, in Afghanistan and in Afghan camps in Pakistan, over the nine-year period.  During our time in Afghanistan, we launched programs in various programs, including work for food initiatives.

Here’s a spotlight on some of the projects we initiated and carried through in Afghanistan:

(1) Education

From establishing primary schools for the children in Afghanistan to contributing to food for education projects, HCI played a pivotal role in creating the foundations of a future for many young children.

(2) Water and sanitation

HCI, worked with UNICEF, to build several wells, latrines in schools and other public-areas of Afghanistan. Beyond that, HCI also launched basic hygiene education and awareness programs.  

(3) Agriculture and irrigation

In the early 1990s, HCI completed the repair work on an open channel irrigation project in Afghanistan. The project was designed to meet the urgent needs of extreme food and water in a village in Afghanistan – and make access to water easier for everyone, including women who no longer had to venture far from home.

(4) Health care 

From building small hospitals to launching paramedic training programs to funding ambulances, mobile hospitals – and of course, providing medicine, food, shelter and clothing for victims affected by the War, HCI has helped thousands of Afghans.

(6) Reconstruction

HCI helped rebuild roads that were ruined thanks to the War and it’s the aftermath, under the food for work program, recruiting thousands of people, and benefiting even more.

(7) Emergency aid

After the Soviet War, there was civil unrest and Afghanistan has truly not been the same since the 1980s. There have been many incidences where HCI has provided relief aid to the people of Afghanistan – including providing food, medicine, blankets, cooking utensils and drinking water to refugee camps to ease their suffering and hardships.

That’s just some of the work we have done in Afghanistan since our very first project there in the 1980s, thanks to you.

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February 11, 2020