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HCI in India - Part 1: Education

One of HCI’s overall goals is to make education more accessible for children all over the world,  including India, where Team HCI is currently – visiting some of our projects.

Did you know that India currently has the second-largest population in the world, home to more than 1.33 BILLION people? India’s population is equivalent to 17.71% of the total world population.

Although India has embarked on several ambitious programs over the last several years, there are many who still live a life of struggle. Recent reports have found that over 365.55 million people across India are in multidimensional poverty.  Poverty impacts children, families and individuals in a variety of different ways – and this is why the investments HCI makes in India are so very important. 

There are many ways poverty can affect education, which is why we’ve implemented so many education projects in India. 

We’ve implemented an education program in Malekpore, India – where we kicked off our visit. We received a warm welcome from ATM, the institution who facilitates our scholarship project. We met with three young women, Shahin, Muskan, and Tainaziya,  who received a scholarship from HCI.  

Many girls in India are deprived of education for a plethora of reasons – one is because of cultural norms, while another is because of financial reasons. Parents prefer spending the little money they have to send their sons to school.

WIth the HCI scholarship program, we’re helping girls who likely never would have attended school, have a brighter future, more opportunities, and make a difference.  

Shahin has completed her Master’s in Science and is now working towards a Master’s in Education.

Muskan is in her first year of her Master’s in Science program.

Tainaziya is completing the 11th grade. 

Next, we visited Vesma, India – where we also have a group of students who have benefited from the HCI scholarship program. It was a wonderful meeting with a few recent recipients who had graduated and were now working as doctors and engineers.  

This year we’ll be providing scholarships to 200 students in Vesma, thanks to your generosity.

Soon afterwards, we went to  Kosadi,  India – here we’ve established a library, and a physics and chemistry lab. We’ve also purchased a school bus, making education even more accessible to even more children. Children commute in from 32 different villages – school management has informed us that there is a dire need for a third school bus!

Visiting our projects is always an eye-opening experience. HCI remains committed to making education more accessible for everyone, opening the doors to endless opportunities and a brighter future. 

We have many projects in India – focusing on education, health, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), and orphan care. We target those living below the poverty line – with many of the recipients residing in poor and remote areas.  Stay tuned for Part II of our HCI in India blog series. 

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January 27, 2020