More than 2000 people have been displaced due to the earthquake in Maluku, Indonesia. HCI is on the ground assisting with Emergency Relief Kits. Donate one today for $200.

Water – A flowing stream of charity

A stable water supply through standard water resources such as wells, tanks and reservoirs not only save lives, but also help communities by sustaining agriculture, livestock and proper sanitation.

On an average, a rural woman in countries such as India and Pakistan walk 5-20 kilometres (3-12 miles) a day just to fetch water.

Water scarcity in many areas have lead to severe drought and famine resulting in thousands of deaths. With your support, HCI pledges to initiate 100 water projects in 2019 in some of the most arid, and water scarce areas in following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Eritrea, India, Jordan, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

The overall cost of the 100 water projects will be approximately $500,000. This estimate is based on installing and constructing a combination of hand pumps, shallow wells, tube wells, cisterns, water reservoirs, and rehabilitation of existing projects. With your assistance we can reach out to 25,000 families, totaling approximately 150,000 individuals who will benefit from these life sustaining water projects.

Child Sponsorship – Children are our future

HCI is in urgent need of sponsorships for 400 children before the end of 2018. These children have endured extreme poverty, homelessness, trauma and hunger at a very tender age. Please join us in helping these children through HCI’s Child Sponsorship Program, and provide them a compassionate care, nutrition and education that will allow them to flourish, and become a respectable and responsible citizens of their respective countries.

We invite you to start 2019 with an uplifting journey by sponsoring a child who is in desperate need of your support.

With your support, 400 children in Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan, and India will start the new year with access to proper health care, food, education, and thereby, experience a childhood they only once dreamed about.

Thank you for trusting us, and believing in our work and joining us in our mission to end global poverty and save human lives. Together, we will be able to bring lasting change in the world!