More than 2000 people have been displaced due to the earthquake in Maluku, Indonesia. HCI is on the ground assisting with Emergency Relief Kits. Donate one today for $200.

On March 22nd a horrific incident took place in New Zealand where 50 people lost their lives.

What was supposed to be a day of peace, turned disasterous when innocent lives were taken by mass shootings at two mosques.

HCI is honoring the victims of the attack by building water wells in each of their names.

This will serve as a form of Sadaqa Jariya (on going charity) for them. The cost of one water well is $1,000.

Help us raise $50,000 so that we can make sure each of the 50 victims benefits from this special charitable act.

The water well you help build will provide safe and clean water to families in need.