More than 168, 000 Rohingya have fled from their homes in Myanmar due to violence. They have been victims of horrific rapes and massacres, as families have been shattered and livelihoods destroyed.

In Gaza, 70% of 1.8 million people are forced to rely on humanitarian assistance. Reports indicate that around 96% of Gaza’s water is not fit for drinking, and many areas are frequently experience electricity blackouts. Since the water supply relies on electric pumps, people are having difficulting washing, showering, cooking and doing laundry.

While in Yemen, cholera has spread to almost every city in less than 2 months. More than 1300 people have already died – one quarter of them children – and the death toll is expected to rise. Reports indicate that this is the worst cholera outbreak in the world.

How can we sleep peacefully knowing that our brothers and sisters are suffering to this extent?

HCI is on the ground assisting them and responding to their needs. However, we cannot do this without your support. We have organized special fundraising gala dinners with Shaikh Navaid AzizBoona MohammedBaba Ali, and Shaikh Alaa Elsayed.

Toronto – July 28 – Woodbine Banquet Hall (30 Vice Regent Blvd.) 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Montreal – July 29 – Restaurant Nuit de Beyrouth (965 Boulevard Cure-Labelle) 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Ottawa – July 30 – SNMC Banquet Hall (3020 Woodroffe Ave.) 6:00pm – 9:00pm