Water is not just a gift. It is a right.

At the Mudug Orphanage Complex in Galkayo, Somalia, many children are able to enjoy clean water, medical necessities, food, shelter, security and proper schooling.

The region is unstable due to conflict and drought. Much of the population relies on relief work for daily needs. (needs a period here)

Despite these factors, the complex is a source of a brighter future for the inhabitants of the area and serves as a beacon of hope. (needs a period here)

Many children at the Mudug Orphange are thriving and showing great promise all thanks to your contribution.

Human Concern International is proud to be working with the 4Sisters4Kids Campaign to support the orphanage. (needs a period here)

Four sisters, Maryam, Safiya, Zaynab and Amina, from London, Ontario have raised over $230 00 to contribute to the project.

HCI encourages others to pursue such inspiring paths in making a positive change in the world.

A simple child sponsorship package of $360/year or $30/month can provide a child with a year’s worth of nourishment, school supplies and medical needs.

This small consistent contribution would help provide comfort and security for at child, and ensure your reward with Allah.

Human Concern International welcomes you to support this initiative and other similar projects.

Help make a change in the world.

Please see their link on facebook for more information and updates on the project.


All donations are collected in Canadian Dollars.