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Since HCI’s inception 40 years ago, we’ve been focused on various relief and development projects in Pakistan:

  • Improving access to education for children through our Child Sponsorship Program;
  • Ensuring mothers and children living in villages have access to quality healthcare;
  • Opening up opportunities for young men and women to learn workforce skills;
  • Addressing the hunger crisis by providing food baskets and warm meals to families in need.

Child Sponsorship Program

A total of 792 children benefit from our Pakistan Child Sponsorship Program every year. We ensure that these orphans and children are enrolled in school and live in a safe secure place. We take care of all of their basic necessities, including food and clothing.

Ramadan Family Assistance – Peshawar, Akora Khattak, Charsadda, Kashmir

Every Ramadan, we provide food baskets and warm meals to families in need. These are families who have low incomes and are in an unstable financial position.

Ramadan food packages consist of: rice, sugar, pulses, edible oil, flour, dry milk, black tea, and other essentials.

The majority of the beneficiaries of the food baskets are the orphans and children who attend our schools. On average, 1660 families benefit from HCI’s Ramadan family assistance program.

Mother and Child Health Centre (MCH) – Kashmir

We operate a mother and child clinic that is staffed with a female doctor and female nurse. Patients receive free medical checkups. We also cover 40% of the medicines to patients who cannot afford the prices.

More than 30 patients visit on a daily basis to take advantage of medical services.

Hope Village School – Akora Khattak

Since 2007, the Hope Village School has been providing free education to Afghan students at the higher secondary level. Many are now studying in universities, while some of them are working for NGO’s. A few are also giving back by teaching at the Hope Village School, or at other schools in the area.

The graduate students receive their certificates from the Afghan Education Ministry attested by the Afghan Foreign Ministry.

To date, 456 students have graduated from here.

Mother and Child Health Centre (MCH) – Akora Khattak

This Mother & Child Health Centre serves the Afghan refugee population. Staff include a male doctor, a nurse, and a pharmacist. The centre opens at 8 am and close at 12 am. On average, 25 patients visit the centre daily and benefit from free medical services.

The majority of patients visiting the MCH are female and children.

Skills Training Centre – Faisalabad

We run a skills training center for young women in Faisalabad. The center provides training in sewing. The majority of the 20 women belong to poor locality and come from low-income families.

The training is provided free of cost. Due to the secured and peaceful environment at the center, it has become well known in the community, and the demand for another training center is growing.

For trained graduates, HCI has also initiated a work opportunity at the center. Materials are provided to the women, and the finished products are supplied to the market. Another option for graduates is to work in garment factories, where they can earn a stable wage.

For those conducting their own business, they can take anywhere between 5,000-10,000 rupees per month. For those working in the factory, they can make around 20,000-25,000 rupees per month.


Kashmir – We operate and run six schools in Azad Kashmir. The number of total students has reached 1,500. We accept new admissions on an ongoing basis, depending on fund availability.

Jalalabad – We support 273 students at a school in Jalalabad. These are primary school students who get a secular education in the morning and attend religious classes in the afternoon.

Charsadda – We support the Khyber Children Academy in Charsadda that has 263 students.

Swat – We support the Sarhad Education Academy in the rural area of Barikot, Swat. There are 223 students attending this school.

*A number of students in these schools are part of HCI’s Child Sponsorship Program. They also benefit from Ramadan food baskets, new clothes on Eid, and fresh Qurbani meat.