Muslims all over the world follow in the footsteps of the Prophet Ibrahim in offering a sacrifice to Allah on Eid ul Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice. The Sacrifice or Qurbani is an essential part of community and spiritual well-being. It allows others to enjoy the festivities of Eid, and impart an important lesson on the act of giving.

Human Concern International (HCI) has been delivering Zabiha/Qurbani/Udhiya on behalf of generous Canadian donors and supporters since 1980 – our programming is focused in countries, regions and communities that have individuals and families who are the most vulnerable and have the greatest need for fresh, quality meat.

HCI is currently present in over forty-six communities globally, and can efficiently distribute your share of Qurbani to those in need.

Allah does not need the physical aspects of the sacrifice, He accepts the intentions and decrees that the meat be gifted to all who may enjoy it.
 You make the sacrifice. We take care of the Qurbani.

Send your Qurbani home
so that everyone can celebrate Eid.

Country Sheep/Goat (CAD) Cow/Ox (CAD)
Afghanistan N/A $1000
Bangladesh N/A $1420
Bosnia $290 $1860
Burundi N/A $700
Canada $300 N/A
Ethiopia $305 N/A
Gaza $480 $3220
Ghana $220 $1400
Haiti $220 $1400
India $250 $305
Indonesia $220 $1860
Iraq $345 $2275
Jordan $345 $2275
Kenya $110 $300
Lebanon (Lebanese, Syrian
& Palestinian families inside Lebanon)
$420 $2000
Masjid Al Aqsa $345 $2275
Morocco $300 N/A
Nepal $320 $500
Pakistan $230 $630
Rohingya $225 $600
Sierra Leone $120 $700
Somalia $85 $310
Sri Lanka N/A $750
Sudan $215 N/A
Syria (inside) $195 $1750
Tunisia $250 $2350
West Bank $480 $3220
Yemen $195 $1450

* Divide the cost by 7 to get cost per share


All donations are collected in Canadian Dollars.