Ramadan donation

The most awaited time of the year had finally arrived and everyone is in a rush for this journey of purification and multiplication of good deeds. One of the best deeds is to alleviate suffering of our fellow human being.

Please donate your Zakat to HCI and reach out to millions of people around the world whose only hope left is help from you.

HCI have already disbursed funds to over 20 countries covering many regions for our Ramadan Programs:

  • Feeding Program to Fight Hunger
  • Family Assistance ($125 gift to a family in need)
  • Clothe a Child ($75 Eid gift of clothe to an underprivileged child)

You can help us with your Zakat-ul-Mal, Zakat-ul-Fitr, Fidya, Sadaqa in one of the greatest need countries: Myanmar, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen or other areas also in dire need: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Burundi, Djibouti, Egypt, Gaza, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kashmir, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, West Bank.

Ways you can contribute your Zakat:

  • Fill up the Ramadan Appeal which has been mailed to you and use the prepaid postage envelope to send it back to us.
  • Mail a cheque to P.O Box 3984, Station C Ottawa ON K1Y 4P2
  • Donate online from here by filling up the form below.
  • Contact us 1-800-587-6424or info@humancocnern.org
  • Visit us at one of our offices: Ottawa Office (877 Shefford Road, Unit 4), Montreal Office (3600 Avenue Barclay, Suite 315) and Toronto Office (1110 Finch Avenue, Suite 220). We would love to see you!

May your Ramadan be filled with the greatest blessing for you and your loved ones!