The People of Aleppo are Suffering

Aleppo is the second largest city in Syria and one of the worst affected by the war in the past five years. Large parts of the city have been destroyed, and infrastructure severely damaged, leaving civilians without water and electricity for months. Escalating violence is putting millions of civilians whom are displaced, and living close to front lines at grave risk. The intense battles currently raging in Aleppo have led to the destruction of hospitals and have caused a significant loss of life.

Due to the drastic and deteriorating situation in Aleppo, we are requesting donations to provide needed medical supplies, medicines, and wheelchairs. Furthermore, we need to deliver essential food parcels to civilians trapped under the airstrikes in besieged areas.

Your donations will help us advance our relief mission in one of the most horrible humanitarian crises in the world today. Donate today by selecting Syria Emergency Appeal on our donation page.