Somalia has been suffering from drought and internal conflicts. A large portion of the population relies on aid and support for day to day living. Human Concern International has a presence on the ground and is working non-stop to provide comfort and ease for Somalis living under difficult circumstances.

Recent above-average rainfall in East Africa has taken a high toll on the population. With under half a million people affected; ten thousand of whom have lost shelter and livelihood. With more rain predicted over the season, burst banks and flooding rivers, there is a high risk of relocations and fast-spreading diseases and illnesses.

Across the border with Kenya, many communities have also been drastically impacted by the deluge. Victims have fled to nearby towns, pushing the supply of aid to its limit. The affected areas require immediate assistance.

Human Concern International is making an urgent plea to contribute and provide essentials to the victims of the natural disasters. Flooding has made access limited to health care, proper toilets and clean water with main roads becoming impassable – and damaged several acres of crops.

Having an onground position allows HCI to directly provide relief in conditions that might make aid difficult to distribute. Help is not far with your much needed support and donations.

Please contribute generously and support the relief effort.

All donations are collected in Canadian Dollars.