“Their meat will not reach Allah, nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is
piety from you.”

Quran [22:37]


Qurbani/Udhiya is a religious duty thousands of Muslims in Canada perform during Eid Al Adha. Based on the tradition of the Prophet Abraham (PBUH) the sacrifice is performed to mark the end of the Hajj.

Although we in Canada may not experience this, fresh meat is a rarity for millions of families across the globe, especially those escaping conflicts and disasters. This is an opportunity for them to receive nutritious meat.

Human Concern International has been delivering Qurbani/Udhiya on behalf of generous Canadian donors and supporters since 1980 – our programming is focused in countries, regions, communities and for individuals with the greatest need.

To ensure we fulfill your obligation and sacrifice in the best manner possible – we always launch our Qurbani/Udhiya campaign ahead of time – ensuring you have enough time to make a decision and give. It allows us to procure, purchase, and ultimately sacrifice the animals in a timely fashion and fulfill your sacrifice.

Our goal is to ensure you fulfill your obligation of Udhiya/Qurbani, while those most vulnerable and in need receive fresh, quality meat.