More than 2000 people have been displaced due to the earthquake in Maluku, Indonesia. HCI is on the ground assisting with Emergency Relief Kits. Donate one today for $200.

For Amina Ahmad and her four children, winter is all about surviving. While the sun shines outside, the freezing cold easily penetrates through her modestly built shelter in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley refugee camp. There is no heater inside the shelter, which means her family has to keep warm using the blankets and firewood that HCI has distributed thanks to your donations. Without her husband to rely on, Amina is scared about not being able to keep her children warm this winter.

Share your warmth this winter by contributing to HCI’s Winter Survival Fund which prioritizes food, shelter, and winter essentials, such as blankets and heating fuel.

$100 – Helps a family survive during winter.

$500 – Helps 5 families survive during winter.

$1000 – Helps 10 families survive during winter 

For millions of people around the world, winter is often a terrifying and life-threatening experience. With your donations, we will make sure that families have the resources they need to live through freezing temperatures.